Fleur Rouge Shares Pop Burner “Cold Feet”

1 min read

Fleur Rouge is back with a new track, “Cold Feet.” The French-born artist has relocated to London, enticed by the city’s numerous creative networks and the sense of innate freedom.  Her music takes a cross-genre approach, with Fleur Rouge translating daring sonics into something accessible.

What Makes You Think I Care? is her debut EP, and it matches the intelligent songwriting of BANKS, for instance, to her natural over-sharing poetry. The new track “Cold Feet,” taken from the EP, sees Fleur Rouge revealing her whole truth, the neon-tinted music platforming her piercing vocal. “Cold Feet” is a tune about the unabashed, emotional unavailability that comes with growing up in a world where everyone demands reinforcement from superficial likes and hollow affection.

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