“The Man With Two First Names” AKA Chris Patrick

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Chris Patrick conveys strong, honest passion via his lyricism and rap. In 2020, the New Jersey rapper published his first album From The Heart, Vol. 2, and not even a year later, he released the singles “Gang Activity” and “Insane.” When it comes to Patrick, we use the term “new” loosely—Chris has been around for a while, but his most recent releases show an artist who has honed his talents and is continually leveling up.

“Up Now,” his most recent track, blends whimsically with Chris’s story of his rise to fame. Chris sings emphatically, “I can’t go back to what I was”—he’s ready for what’s next and won’t look back. The talent extends beyond the meaningful lyrics—Chris has a skilled flow range. He’s been practicing his art since he was a child, and he recalls his mother giving him strange topics to rap about in sixth grade to challenge him. It clearly paid off.

His lyrics have a genuine feel to them, “I feel like I blame myself, I feel like I drained myself, I don’t even feel like I’m me when I’m speaking.” Chris is influenced by his surroundings and is not aiming to deceive anyone. This vulnerability facilitates connection. In an utterly honest voice, “Insane” offers a deep dive into mental health.

Chris wants to immerse his audience not just in his experiences, but also in theirs. “I want the fans to feel like they’re falling into a movie with every song/project that they hear from me” he shared “Music is meant to be an experience. My goal is to make sure that each experience is unique and enjoyable.” 
Chris Patrick’s next album, X-Files, is on the way, so if you haven’t heard of him yet, now is the time.