Listen to NORTKASH & BROHM’s Remix Of “She Doesn’t Mind”

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NORTKASH and BROHM have come together and created a drill banger remix of Sean Paul’s “She Doesn’t Mind.” With distinct beats and smooth transitions, this remix can compete with the best artists in the game. Both of these artists create remixes that have hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify.

NORTKASH is a Ukrainian producer that has received over 50 million views on YouTube. BROHM is a project born from the collaboration between Junior Caldera & Ken Roll (The Nycer) 2 Dj Producers who reached the best European chart. In the previous months, they released a number of tracks/covers, including “One More Night” and “Rack City,” which have over 10 million streams to date, and they also coproduced a single called “Bad Trip” with LUCKY LUKE and the singer Taylor.

The music video has garnered more than 28 million views on YouTube alone! Make sure to check it out below. 

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