David Beckham Eats and Mocks

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David Beckham recently made a visit to his mother Sandra Beckham and shared a selfie of the two on social media, which drew reactions from his sisters and celebrity pal Gordon Ramsay.

After being served his “favorite” childhood supper at his mother’s house, David Beckham shared a selfie with his mother, which provoked family teasing on social media.

The former player, 47, recently paid a visit to his mother, Sandra Beckham, 73, and shared a snapshot of the two with his 73 million Instagram followers.

He also used the caption to make fun of his younger sister, Joanne Beckham, 40. “Sorry [Joanne], the [king] was home for supper,” he wrote in a recent post.

The post has since received over 620,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments, including from several of his family members, including his two sisters.

Joanne teasingly said: “I’m curious if [mother] also brought the king mug out of the closet for you. For the king, anything goes. Was there a red carpet as well?” In her response, she used laughing emojis.