Woldeb Drops “Stop! (You’re Kiilling Me)”

1 min read

R&B/Soul artist Woldeb aka Jimmy Bedlow is out with a stunning track called “Stop! (You’re Kiilling Me)”. Spanning over two and a half minutes, the heartfelt song captivates the listener from beginning to end. Soft and smooth sonic shades that sit on top of a perfectly balanced beat structure create a certain mood that’s amplified by the artist’s extraordinary voice. 

Born in Trinidad & Tobago and living in Toronto, Canada, Jimmy Bedlow is a singer-songwriter who believes his primary purpose is to be writing songs that inspire, motivate and move whoever is listening. From a young age, Woldeb enjoyed the art of songwriting, and at eight, he wrote his first song called (You don’t know it). He writes songs in various styles, including pop, r&b, electric, dance, and soul. Music is all he listens to day and night. It’s embedded in his soul

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