Empowering Fans Across Cultures Is Lo Artiz With Her New “11:11”

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LA-based artist Lo Artiz is out with a fantastic new song called “11:11” which speaks about overcoming difficulties. The singer-songwriter empowers listeners by acknowledging their feelings and saying that “we’ll find a way to go on”. Resembling Alicia Keys’ flawless style in certain ways but also adding her very own twist, Lo Artiz inspires her audience to never give up.

Rooted in Soul, her music seeks to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. Often described as the musical lovechild of D’Angelo & Janis Joplin, Lo ebbs & flows between worlds combining Soul, Motown, Jazz, & Hip-Hop influences. With a vocal range that transcends universes, boundless vocal arranging/production, & songwriting intended to heal its listener, her mission as an artist is clear – to speak for those who aren’t often spoken for in music.

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