Francisco Martin Is Back With Another Banger “Nobody Listens To Me!”

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After releasing “If You Need Me,” the Los Angeles-based artist, Francisco Martin, is back with another banger titled “Nobody Listens To Me!”

The artist is truly showcasing his love for music within each tune! Sticking to the theme of upbeat but at the same time chill tones, Martin has successfully captivated listeners. It’s also worth mentioning that the track incorporates soulful vocals that ride upon the cinematic visuals. 

“I am not afraid to share what is in my heart with brash honesty,” Francisco mentions. “I want to push boundaries. People see one version of me, and I want them to see all of me. I am ready to come out of my shell as an artist and show who I really am as a person,” he also adds.

Francisco continues to impress both fans and new listeners with his signature approach and remarkable vocals. Make sure to also watch the music video below: