World Renowned Artist Aaron Carter Releases New Single Titled “She Just Wanna Ride”

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The multi-platinum musician drops an all-new single with the collaboration of 3D FRIENDS, and the single is called “She Just Wanna Ride,” an incredible performance by both artists, which also features a music video. 

A natural born performer, Aaron Carter has been a prominent popstar for decades, touring and performing with fellow stars like Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. His brother, Nick Carter, is a member of the band, where he found international fame. Started at the age of just 7 years-old, the renowned artist later came out with his first self-titled debut album in 1997, selling millions of copies worldwide and becoming a household superstar.

His latest single “She Just Wanna Ride” has all the elements of what made Aaron Carter a beloved singer, while infusing the rhythms with a modern twist. His friend and collaborator 3D FRIENDS adds so much to the single, bringing in his background expertise of modern rock and producing a classic jam for the summer.

The renowned artist is back with dropping singles and his fans around the world are very excited to see what’s next from their beloved popstar. Make sure to give “She Just Wanna Ride” a proper listen and watch the exquisite music video on YouTube!

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