Truly Borderless Talent—Justin S. Grant Is On Top Of His Game

2 mins read

California native Justin S. Grant shifts paradigms and crashes all borders! His latest cover of “Wild World” is pure bliss to listen to as the talented artist takes the half-a-century-old song and makes it his own. With tens of thousands of streams and plays, “Wild World” stands out among the artist’s ever-expanding portfolio as a one of a kind, emotional delivery with the most exquisite visuals.

Justin Grant has an extensive background in many industries including psychology, art, and spirituality as well as great writing skills that allowed him to put his thoughts and experiences into a book called Business & Spirituality ~ Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution

An iHeart article expands on this as well: “Grant has implemented his “no limit” approach to other spheres of his career as well. From studying creative writing to being certified as an engineer, it seems like Justin S. Grant knows it all about trying new things and making the best out of every situation and experience…Based on his rich life experience and academic background, Grant does a perfect job at not only producing modern music, but also putting all of his skills into the writing process itself, creating contemporary sounds accompanied by deep and sincere lyrics.”

Truly fascinating, Justin S. Grant promises his fans a great time and the best of memories with each new release.

Justin S. Grant is on YouTube and Instagram.