StevenCharles’ New Single “Love You Still” Will Bring You Closer To Love 

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Montreal-native Canadian singer-songwriter StevenCharles depicts the eternal topic of love in its rawest and purest form in his new single “Love You Still.” His lyrical prowess seems effortless, and his vibe is bound to resonate with millions of listeners, as he explores and dissects the feelings of love experienced throughout his life. Intimate, unconventional, and deeply vulnerable, StevenCharles’ music is a breath of fresh air in today’s aggressive music industry. 

In a recent interview, StevenCharles spoke about “Love You Still,” saying: “Love You Still” is a Soul ballad that I can’t wait to share” and added speaking about his influences in music: “Alicia Keys & John Legend are the musicians that made me feel like I need to do this too. True musicians with so much class and finesse. John has all the soul and character to his voice that I grew up trying to emulate, and Alicia’s lyrics are so important and well crafted I dream of writing songs as monumental as hers.”