Best of MoneyBagg Yo Releases 2021-2022

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One of the best hip-hop artists in the scene, Memphis native MoneyBagg Yo has been dropping hit after hit in the 2021-22 period. His collaborations with artists like Lil Wayne, Polo G, Janiyah, Lil Durk, and Tripstar have definitely been extremely popular with the audience. A man of many talents, MoneyBagg Yo has a booming voice and raps flawlessly, a new vibe in every song. 

Memphis rapper MoneyBagg Yo brings grit and menace to his rhymes about street life. The prolific MC began releasing mixtapes in 2012, and became a regular fixture on the higher reaches of the Billboard 200 chart starting with his Top Five mixtape Federal 3X in 2017 and continuing with studio albums like 2020’s Time Served and 2021’s A Gangsta’s Pain.

Shottas” 13,5 million views

A relatively short composition off MoneyBagg’s A Gangsta’s Pain album from 2021, this song features an exciting beat and an unconventional, fantastic structure that leaves the audience wanting for more. Commanding undivided attention with a nonchalant elegance, MoneyBagg Yo delivers a one of a kind song that has been much loved ever since its release.

“Wockesha” 36 million

Released in summer 2021, “Wockesha” is an exceptional song with the most beautiful music video. It speaks to many as it compares a love relationship to drugs: “One minute I’m done with you the next one I be running back, Go yo way I go my way but somehow we be still attached.” The artist compares the level of difficulty of quitting drugs to putting an end to a toxic relationship and the analogy definitely resonates with numerous people.

“Time Today” 93 million streams

A song off MoneyBagg’s album A Gangsta’s Pain: Reloaded, “Time Today” is a fast-paced, quick and on point song that features the artist’s aggressive rapping that sinks into the listener’s mind immediately. Filled with sharp lyrics and fascinating metaphors, “Time Today” details the dynamics of human relationships in a new way. “Don’t go against me then ask for my help, go get out your feelings and get it yourself,” the rapper says.

“Run It Up”

This is a collaboration with Offset and another prolific artist Lil Tjay who included it in his album Destined 2 Win and blew over 160 million streams in no time. Melodic and serious, the composition features soaring beats and profound lyrics. The song begins with Lil Tjay’s beautiful rapping followed by Offset and MoneyBagg singing their parts with equal skill. A stunning creation, “Run It Up” fits any mood and with every listen, the audience can find something deeper and more meaningful than before. 

“Scorpio” 15 million plays

MoneyBagg Yo’s “Scorpio” is another song off his album A Gangsta’s Pain: Reloaded. It is a fun and exciting description of a Scorpio woman who is hot and cold practically all the time. “Love done made her heart cold as Minnesota,” he raps, speaking about the lady of his affections whose “motives” he cannot figure out. The song is a joint work with the gorgeous Janiyah who appears in the music video as the “culprit”. 


His latest is a thrilling song with Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane bound to be another hit. The song is accompanied by a stunning music video that features the artists in various urban settings, surrounded by gorgeous ladies and loads of money. With some classic Lil Wayne and an epic rapping from MoneyBagg Yo, the song represents the vibrant, contagious elements of street life, depicting love, friendships, and more.