Toronto-Based Artist Jozem Drops A Brand New Song “Goderich”

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The up-and-coming multi-talented artist, Jozem, expands his horizon with a brand new touching single titled “Goderich.” The latest track takes you on an emotional journey, where the artist opens up about his emotions without hesitation. The song quickly turns into soul perfection, thanks to Jozem’s powerful vocals.

The artist has recently explained that “the song is about letting go, a song about falling in and out of love with my creative process and realising that it is in these ‘in between’ moments of quiet that you will again find the love and inspiration.”

“ I wrote it after experiencing a long period of creative block, trying to force things and worrying that I had lost my touch/connection to my creativity then realising that it was okay to have these moments of drought and that it was all part of the process. Once I let go, it came back overflowing,” he adds.

Jozem is a true musical genius whose music has a special ability to take you in, inspire, and evoke emotion.

Make sure to check “Goderich” below: