Exclusive Interview With Jade Latrice, The Gorgeous R&B Singer-Songwriter Behind “Somebody To Somebody”

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Jade Latrice continues to impress with the striking release of her new single “Somebody To Somebody”, displaying the full spectrum of her natural abilities, blending her multiple influences into a surreal song in which she unveils her most profound feelings. We had a chance to chat with her about her new single, inspiration, favorite artists, and upcoming plans!

Hello Jade! We enjoyed listening to your music and we’d love to hear more about it.

1. Tell us a bit about how you stepped into the music scene. What inspired you to write your very first song and when?

Been writing and singing since little. Was too shy to sing early on. As I grew, I gained more confidence because I knew my very own uniqueness and story is something the world experiences and can be heard through my music. I began to write in my early teens. Writing down my thoughts is therapeutic for me, my outlet. 

2. Your latest single “Somebody To Somebody” is a stunning creation. What’s the message there?

“Somebody to Somebody” represents who you are. No matter what life challenges are and ups and downs with friendships and relationships. You are somebody to somebody.

3. Tell us about your love of r&b. Who are your favorite artists and how did they inspire your creative process?

Some of my musical influences are Brandy, Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, H.E.R, Summer Walker, Beyonce (especially with her performances), and Aaliyah. My love for R&B started early on especially since I grew up listening to my mom singing and playing this music as well. I’m inspired by how expressive they are with writing their thoughts as well as a means to express themselves through their art. My outlet is through writing as I enjoy putting my thoughts down to release and hope  my fans hear and/or relate to the story I’m trying to tell. I also enjoy listening to other genres as well. 

4. How do your life experiences transfer into your art?  

Me releasing my turmoil over my parents separation. I became closed off, distant and sad. Me picking up the pen at that time to write to express the things I was going through. Seems like that along with friendships and relationships was a way for me to express my deep rooted emotions. My therapy. When I write, I transform. It’s my happy place. I’m better and stronger but I have a story to tell.

5. What is the most unnerving/scary aspect of releasing original music?

Me wanting my fans to like and relate. I’m very over analytical and I want things to be perfect!!

6. What goals in your musical career do you have for the immediate future?

I plan on releasing a single towards the end of March titled “I Choose Me”. Getting back in the studio to record more songs in hopes of finding more producers to work with on a few projects and work on my album as an independent artist. Or even signed by a label. The ultimate plan is to continue to grow and develop as an artist.
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