EXCLUSIVE: Aldous Harding – Lawn

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This is not Adele, but the track starts like its one. We’re getting great vibes from this single that just came out today. Aldous Harding is a darling from Lyttleton, New Zealand.

Notable Lyrics:

“Where is the shame in me?
Finding the hand in you
You don’t want me to
But it’s my right to

Then if you’re not for me
Guess I’m not for you
I will enjoy the blue
I’m only confused with you”

We’re told Albous is about to launch a new album titled ‘Warm Chris‘ – still a solid 10 weeks away. There is no wonder here that she is from arguably the most innovative and unique recording artist from New Zealand.

Her track represents a new phase in her career, which started off with restrained from folk tunes to chamber folk-pop and so much more. Talk about being versatile.

“Lawn” is indie, pop, alt-folk, and even rock. A delightful melody, minimal but also very attractive piano arrangement. Harding’s voice reflects innocence like always. A laidback, very easy-going piece of art. We’re vibing to this one all weekend. Super duper versatile. Breaking boundaries. Now, coffee time.

Follow her on Spotify and Instagram. New album: March25!