In Depth Review: aku Breaks All Stigma In New Single “Star and Moon”

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Long Island, NY-based American urban artist aku is back with “Star and Moon,” his latest single. 

This new song sees aku in his most inspired mode, breaking all stigma on what rappers sound and look like. Overflown with depth, aku offers full authenticity through this intimate track, sharing an elaborate story with his fans. 

His previous release, “I Don’t Have A Gun” further introduced audiences to what he’s capable of creating in terms of music, through a song that talked about the relationship he has with the demons inside his mind, his anxiety and daily struggle.

Drawing inspiration from multiple fields and genres at once, he often inserts  references and metaphors unique to most rap catalogs. aku’s eloquence, introspective approach and thought-provoking poetry give him a unique position among his peers. 

“Star and Moon” is a true artistic act, deeply moving and equally inspirational, thanks to aku’ honesty, truth seeking and illusion-breaking approach. He talks about the everyday struggle with relationships in an impactful and relatable way. The instrumentals and beat lines are extremely well crafted, bringing a laid-back feel throughout the track, and laying the perfect foundation for his messages to instantly reach listeners’ hearts. 

aku’s strength lies in using all his experiences and translating them into lyrics and instrumentals, resulting in a smooth fusion of sounds only few rappers are capable of delivering nowadays. The authenticy, sharpness and taste he shares with the audience will undoubtedly propel him as one of the fastest rising Hip-Hop artists to watch for closely in 2022. 

Touching lives while sharing his vision in order to make a powerful contribution to Hip-Hop culture is clearly aku’s special calling in life. 
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