Steve Edwards Drops A Majestic New Track With Visuals | “Fallen”

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Steve Edwards is releasing his second single of the year, the song and music video titled “Fallen.” This majestic new track with visuals is set to find its audience, so much it is packed with beauty, poetry, life experiences, emotions and an unbelievable performance by Edwards from start to finish. 

From the powerful drum intro to the electric guitar lines and the sublime melodies crafted by Steve Edwards, “Fallen” is a song that doesn’t fit any category and doesn’t fall under any stereotypes. As the artist lets the music and the lyrics speak for themselves, something magical happens inside of our beings while listening to this single. 

Earlier this year, Steve Edwards released the magnificent single “Colour of Blood,” an instant hit that currently counts around 200K plays on Spotify and Youtube alone. 

Originally from New Zealand, Steve Edwards moved to the United KIngdom in 1996, with a strong desire to expand his experiences and discover the world. It is in India that everything began in the realm of music for Steve. It was while traveling through India that Steve learned to play the guitar and  almost immediately, he started writing songs, and never stopped since.

He then joined several bands but his biggest success came with his song “One by One,” a record that reached the ears of a BBC Radio 2 producer, and the song became Record of the Week, getting playlisted for five weeks, an unprecedented occurrence for an unknown artist.

With “Fallen” and “Colour Of Blood” out this year, Steve Edwards’ career is taking a new exciting turn while we now all eagerly await his upcoming album Born to be out!