Art Basel: The King Romero Britto & The World Of Fine Art

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Midtown Miami: A large industrial building, but not the usual stuff. In fact, it is extraordinary: it is the BRITTO Palace.

As you walk through the big hallways, photos of the many people Britto was touched by, 4rm presidents, religious leaders, billionaires, celebs & athletes like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Roger Federer to members of the British royal family, grace the walls, each one leaving you in more awe than the last.

Perhaps it is Britto’s connection to the British royals that inspired him to create this modern-day palace fit for a king. Britto first met HRH Prince Charles in 2007 at the opening of Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs at the O2 Bubble, where he designed an original hand-painted 45-foot-tall pyramid, becoming the largest installation in Hyde Park. Today, Britto has become an active board member of the Prince’s Trust, founded by Prince Charles, and has done various portraits of royal family members, including the HM Queen ELizabeth II, for more than ten years.

Since he was a child, he fostered an undying love for art.

“I never knew that I would be doing what I do today,” he reflects.

“I thought I would have a job and maybe be a painter over the weekend or in the evenings. I viewed art as more of a hobby.” He actually wanted to be a diplomatic ambassador of Brazil, but when he was in law school, he realized that would not fulfill him. “I quit the idea of being a diplomat,” he says with a shy smile. “[I thought to myself], maybe I should dive into this thing called art.”

Despite his major fame and success, Britto constantly reminds himself to pause and soak it all in.

“Don’t forget about the moment. Live in the moment — think about the future, but try to be in the moment”

An important lesson it took him years to learn and very true.

Nevertheless, he has indeed enjoyed all the moments — all in the name of happiness.