Premiere: Raquel Kiaraa Releases Stunning Piano-Driven Pop Ballad “Scorpio” (Stripped)

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The stripped-down version of “Scorpio,” from Raquel Kiaraa‘s current album, adds to her already busy year as a beautiful furious modern-day chanteuse.

This follows the release of her latest album Defying Odds which includes 11 songs such as “Scorpio,” “Love Got Me Sick” and “We Know.”

In the new music video for “Scorpio,” she shows off her most feminine and sensual side. With her voice teacher accompanying her on the piano, she gives a genuine and emotional performance. A dramatic moment of truth occurs at the end of the four-and-a-half-minute performance. It is one of her biggest talents to be able to convey her emotions via her music.

It is the rising star’s capacity to simultaneously disclose her ultimate vulnerability while staying passionately motivated to face all of her worries that inspires women to attain their full potential. Raquel Kiaraa reclaims her power by comprehending the trap laid before her by a Scorpion guy who destroyed her heart and emotionally abused her. By taking responsibility for her own mistakes rather than blaming the other, she weaves a narrative of love’s deceit that resonates with us all. Powerful because she is a genuine lady of force who is able to identify her shortcomings and work through them in order to achieve tremendous achievement.

Raquel Kiaraa’s purpose is to convey love’s endless complexity via her amazing melodies, which are modern and original. The album’s title is a powerful statement on women’s ability to break free from the current quo. In the face of adversity, women have shown time and time again that the impossible is achievable and that the dream is alive and well. We “continue to beat the odds” every day, she says.

Rather than dwelling on her sadness and loss, she chose to focus on forgiveness, healing, and acceptance. With “Scorpio,” one of her most globally relevant songs, she has the capacity to connect with millions of people who have been through similar experiences.