Squid Game Becomes Netflix’s Biggest Series. What’s Next?

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The mind-blowing thriller series, Squid Game, took the internet by storm becoming one of the most successful shows on Netflix. 28 days upon its release, around 111 million Netflix users have seen the show topping Bridgerton, which was watched by 82 million people in the first month. 

Each episode of the series costs around 2.4 million dollars, which is relatively cheap. 

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Minyoung Kim, who is Netflix’s Vice President of Content for Korea, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, explained the following: 

‘When we first started investing in Korean series and films in 2015, we knew we wanted to make world-class stories for the core K-content fans across Asia and the world.

He further added: ‘Today, Squid Game has broken through beyond our wildest dreams.’

Although Netflix hasn’t released an official statement regarding the production of the s2 of the show, the series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has been talking about potential storylines. He once said that the first season failed to give a proper storyline to the audience about the detective and his brothers. 

Bloomberg has estimated that the show is worth $900million (£654million).