The 11 Best New Cookbooks to Buy This Fall

1 min read

Find new inspiration for your home cooking.

Once we were able to get our vaccine, you’ll forgive us if weren’t cooking at home as much throughout the summer. We were frequenting restaurants again and ordering so much we had leftovers to feast on the next day. But we’ve eased back into the balance of going out and eating in, thus we’ve been in need of inspiration to further our home cooking. We’re lucky there’s a wealth of resources at our fingertips, from blogs to YouTube channels to amazing purveyors willing to ship the best spices, sauces, fish, meat and more right to our homes. And there’s also a dynamic new crop of cookbooks out this fall that have us flexing our creativity and honing the classics in the kitchen. Here are our 11 favorites that you should add to your shelves too.

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