Everything You Need To Know About The First-Ever Malaria Vaccine

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Malaria – a life-threatening disease that claims the lives of hundreds of people every year is finally being controlled by a newly discovered vaccine.

The leading pharmaceutical company, GSK, has been working on developing the vaccine. The company is yet to specify the price of each. 

Thomas Breuer, the chief global health officer mentioned in an interview with BBC the following: 

“The international funding community has to now discuss and then decide how to procure the vaccine,” GSK’s chief global health officer Thomas Breuer told the BBC.

It’s worth noting that GSK is not the first working on the vaccine; the University of Oxford, for instance, has released a statement earlier this year indicating that they have developed a vaccine that is 77% effective against the disease. 

Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi will be the first to receive the vaccine, GSK also added that it already donated 10 million doses to different locations. 

In Kenya, for example, the vaccine is being distributed in rural areas as well where around 200,000 children have been vaccinated already. With good global guidance, we could collectively put an end to this nightmare.