TikTok Reviving Songs You Might Have Forgotten About

1 min read

Thanks to the mega-popular social media platform TikTok, music from the past is coming back and going viral overnight as well. In other words, we are witnessing a new means for song discovery for the younger generation on the Internet.

One example of this phenomenon is Dido’s “Thank You.” The forty-nine-year-old British musician released the classic more than a decade ago but it is just recently gaining more and more streams, because of a slowed-down version of the song that is used for sentimental-sad video clips on TikTok.

Here’s another example. Mika’s “Grace Kelly” – another pop hit from 2009 making a comeback in 2021 on TikTok. In fact, the track is climbing high on the Billboard charts. 

The above-mentioned were just two instances of seemingly infinite music revivals. Other tunes include many of Usher’s classics such as “My Boo,” Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” Paul Anka’s “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” and much much more.