Kim Kardashian to Host SNL’s 47th Season This October

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The leading internet personality and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian, will debut her hosting career with the 47th season of Saturday Night Live. This upcoming season will be hosted by a new list of A-listers including Owen Wilson, Rami Malek, and Jason Sudeikis.

Kim took to Twitter to make the announcement saying: “OMFG no turning back now!!!!.”

SNL’s first episode will air on October 2, where Owen Wilson and Kacey Musgraves will be the hosts, while Kim will host the second episode (on Oct. 9) and Halsey will be her musical guest. In addition to that list, Oscar-winning actor Rami Melek will host the show on Oct. 16 and will have Young Thug as his guest. Finally, we have Jason Sudeikis, who just like Kim, will kick off his hosting career on the 23rd of October.