Two Exits Past Manhattan with Holmes Cay Fiji Rum

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Holmes Cay Rum has recently revealed its latest limited-edition iteration, the Holmes Cay Fiji Rum. To celebrate, we’re sharing the recipe for the Two Exits Past Manhattan cocktail, which teams the new release with sherry and vermouth, for a short and deliciously syrupy tipple. For  Negroni fans with a sweet tooth, the Two Exits Past Manhattan will tick all your boxes.

Since its inaugural release two years ago, the brains behind Holmes Cay Rum have been on a mission to unearth the world’s rarest and most unusual rums and deliver them to new markets. The result is a continuously evolving collection of fine rums that champion traditional production methods, without any artificial additives.

Blended in South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka, Fiji and released in partnership with the Rumcast Podcast, just 2,260 bottles of this highly exclusive rum are available to purchase. The distinctive flavors of the Holmes Cay Fiji Rum make it perfect for both sipping neat or mixing up into a carefully crafted cocktail: on the nose is citrus, with softer honey notes on the tongue and a pop of pepper to finish.

The release of the brand’s latest iteration also marks the launch of its Single Origin Editions series, which joins the existing Single Cask Edition collection. Each Single Origin Edition bottle will be selected based on exceptional taste and quality from only the most interesting distilleries. Because of the highly specific selection process, new releases in the series are unlikely to be common.

“[The Fiji Rum] blend felt like the perfect fit to launch the Single Origin Edition series,” says Holmes Cay founder Eric Kaye. “In the series we aim to highlight limited edition rum expressions from a single country or distillery, just as we started with Holmes Cay – single cask rum to share aged, single casks. Because rum is a global spirit produced in a variety of ways, we exist to showcase the excellence and the diversity of flavor in this spirit.”

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  • 1¼ oz Holmes Cay Fiji
  • 1 oz Amontillado sherry
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • Dash of cherry bitters
  • Cherry for garnish


Stir all ingredients together and pour into Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a cherry.