Elite Traveler Launches World’s Top Restaurants Database

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Elite Traveler is proud to launch the Top Restaurants database for 2021, a comprehensive tool containing key information on the most innovative and exclusive fine dining restaurants in the world.

Presented alongside descriptions and luxury rankings, the database allows you to search for your next memorable meal with over 60 different criteria including location, price, menu type and even interior styling.

Every restaurant in the database hits the minimum standard of Michelin-level dining, but the majority go above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable culinary experience. By analyzing the data, each restaurant has been ranked from Bronze to Gold across a variety of sectors, including the quality of its menu and its sustainability practices.

Only the very best have been selected for the Readers’ Choice award, which has only been given to the restaurants personally verified by our loyal UHNW readership.

The Top Restaurants database is now available on Elite Traveler

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To celebrate the launch of Top Restaurants and our 20th anniversary, we have launched a series of features championing the chefs and restaurants who have made fine dining what it is today. From the first zero-waste restaurant in the US to Michelin-starred chefs committing to 100% vegan menus, fine dining has always been a hotbed for innovation. We also look to the future, shining a light on the chefs who are striving to make the industry more sustainable.

The Most Iconic Restaurants of the Elite Traveler Era

azurmendi restaurant spain

Azurmendi is one of the world’s most sustainably-minded Michelin star restaurants / ©Azurmendi

With most restaurants shut down for much of last year, Elite Traveler has paused its world-famous Top 100 Restaurants survey. Instead, we are celebrating the industry’s remarkable resilience by shining a spotlight on the restaurants that have, over the 10 years of running the competition, been voted one of the best restaurants in the world by our readers.

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The Chefs Fighting to Make Fine Dining Sustainable

Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park / ©Sebastian Nevols

Through these pioneering chefs, we can see how fine dining can continue to flourish while carving out a more sustainable path. With a global population nearing eight billion, it is incumbent on the restaurant industry to find ways to serve exciting, innovative and enjoyable food in a way that is viable for generations to come. The sustainable chefs featured in this article show that such an approach does not require any compromise on flavor and that the very finest restaurant food can be produced in harmony with nature.

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