Belvedere Vodka Brings Nature to NYC

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Premium vodka brand Belvedere Vodka has recently launched a new range of organic flavored vodkas, named Belvedere Organic Infusions. As the brand’s first USDA-certified organic offering, the range is an exciting new step for Belvedere – the Infusions range has been crafted using fresh ingredients that are free from artificial additives, chemicals and pesticides.

There are three new flavors in the Belvedere Organic Infusions range: blackberry and lemongrass with a hint of sage; lemon and basil with a touch of elderflower; and pear and ginger with a drop of linden honey. Each flavor has been created with a combination of fruit and botanical infusions that results in a multi-layered and balanced taste experience.

As part of the launch of Belvedere Organic Infusions, Belvedere Vodka partnered with three sustainably-minded innovators to create an exclusive set of interactive greenhouse installations. Housed at one of New York City’s most beloved public gardens, Elizabeth Street Gardens, the greenhouse installations showcase Belvedere’s new range while also raising awareness for the protection of the public gardens.

The Infusions range has been crafted using fresh ingredients / ©Matteo Prandoni/

Belvedere has partnered with three innovators to create an exclusive set of interactive greenhouse installations / ©Yvonne Tnt/

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For the installations, Belvedere partnered with James Beard Rising Chef of the Year, Kwame Onwuachi, who has a strong focus on eliminating food waste; co-founder of Public School brand Maxwell Osborne; and Original Rose, a plant-based design studio that focuses on using upcycled materials, run by Olivia Rose. Each of the greenhouses has been uniquely designed by the innovators using the new Belvedere Organic Infusions range as inspiration.

“This collaboration with Belvedere was unique in that it allowed us to be challenged with a new medium while working with a brand that shares a similar ethos around sustainability to our brand,” said Osborne. “For our collaboration with Belvedere, it was important for us to not only use sustainable materials for our build but also to make sure that the materials served a purpose beyond the life of the event.”

“I’m glad that brands like Belvedere are taking the pledge to sustainability,” mentions Rose. “The brand has set in place various goals to further its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, including becoming fully carbon neutral by 2022. What’s important is how we define what sustainability is and create immediate, near-future and long term goals that we hold accountable to.”

Belvedere Organic Infusions is the brand’s first USDA-certified organic offering / ©Matteo Prandoni/