SpeedLine: A Complete Restaurant Delivery System

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It’s not as easy as it looks to create a seamless customer experience in your restaurant, especially for takeout and delivery orders. You put a lot of work into order entry, prepping, dispatching, delivering and accepting payment for every order. Without a proper system in place, that work can be overwhelming for you and your staff.

A good POS system is the heart of your restaurant’s technology strategy, and using systems that integrate with the POS can vastly increase your restaurant’s efficiency. SpeedLine POS is designed for pizzerias and is fully integrated with SpeedDine online ordering and SpeedLine Pay mobile payments to let your customers order and pay on the go.

SpeedLine directly supports both back-of-house and front-of-house operations, creating a seamless transition between the two. In the kitchen and back office, tools like inventory management, kitchen display integrations and ticket print routing come in handy. For the front-of-house, it becomes much easier to accept orders for create-your-own pizzas or value meals, add portions and upsell to customers. And with SpeedLine’s visual dispatch delivery system, orders get out your door and to customers faster.

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For digital sales, SpeedDine sends orders directly from a customized online ordering website to your point-of-sale, ensuring that orders don’t have to be re-entered by staff and that no orders get missed. SpeedDine pulls pricing and item availability directly from the POS system. So the prices on the online ordering site always match the store. If you mark a pizza or side as “out of stock” on your POS, it will remove it from your online ordering site immediately. No more confused or disappointed customers! 

“Online orders are more efficient for us in the store,” says Ramon Collado of Mama’s Pizza & Grill in Reading and Shillington, Pennsylvania. “More orders placed online means less time talking on the phone. I love that SpeedDine is directly integrated. It’s basically an extension of our POS that everyone can access to place their orders.”

SpeedLine Pay lets you collect card-present payments anywhere: curbside, tableside and upon delivery. This lowers your chance of chargebacks by your payment processor and qualifies you for lower card-present processing rates. Card-present transaction costs can be as much as 40% lower than card-not-present transactions.

SpeedLine’s system integrates in-store efficiencies with a robust online ordering experience and rounds it out with a payment system that lowers both costs and the risk of chargebacks. With your POS handling every part of the restaurant delivery process efficiently, employees will have more time to focus on the important things: providing good service and good pizza to your guests. 

Find out more by visiting www.speedlinesolutions.com.